Are you looking to hire a web designer to build your company’s new website or even help your current website increase traffic and business? Hire Island Blue’s web designers today and get the results you desire.

We hear web design horror stories all the time from our newer clients. People reach out to designers on craigslist, or use big companies that only deliver empty promises. We’re here to make all of that disappear and ensure that you have a positive experience when publishing your new website with Island Blue!

Here’s 5 reasons to choose Island Blue as your Web Designers For Hire.

1. A personal, friendly experience

At Island Blue, you will work closely with a web designer/developer and not a team that can lose sight of your personal interests and professional goals. One person will always be in contact with you on a regular basis. You will never have to worry about availability. When you hire Island Blue web design, you get 24/7 service. Send an email on the weekends and you will get a response that weekend. Have an urgent problem that can’t wait, we will be notified on our smart devices and make sure to reach out and help solve the problem. Every client get’s a personal, friendly experience.

2. Affordable web design prices

Large firms will charge their clients an unbelievable amount of money for a bland template website. At Island Blue, you get a professional, custom web design at a price you can afford. We understand you may be starting a new business and money is tight in this economy.

Depending on the scope of the web design project at hand, the cost will vary. However, we believe our prices are affordable while maintaining a high level of design and professionalism.

Island Blue web designers build small and large business websites, creative blogs, non profit organization websites, and political campaigns websites.

3. Optimized websites (SEO) that rank in search engines (Google)

Island Blue not only “designs” your website, but “optimizes” it for the major search engines including Google, Bing and Yahoo. It is one thing to have a website that looks great, but can potential clients find you when searching online? Developers at Island Blue stay on top of the new algorithms Google installs so that we can make sure our clients stay near the top of their target audience’s searches. We use many factors such as meta titles and descriptions, keyword density, and social media back links. Basically, when you hire Island Blue, you get a beautiful, clean website that is easy to find!

4. Quick project turnaround time

Your website will only take 4-6 weeks to complete when choosing Island Blue, given that all information is provided on your end. We waste no time getting your website up and running so you can start bringing in business.

With our guaranteed quick response time, we always are in touch and updating our clients with the website’s progress. If you want fast results, contact us today and get started!

5. No monthly fees

You just paid for your brand new website, and now you are worried about having to spend hundreds of dollars a month to keep the website up and running. When you hire Island Blue Web Design, you never have to worry about monthly fees. Every website is built with a content management system that allows the website owner (YOU) to update all content. Adding pictures and text is as easy as using Microsoft Word. No HTML experience is necessary at all. Of course if you do not want to update the content and would rather leave it to the pros, Island Blue will manage your website at an hourly rate. This is always optional and NEVER required! If you are still uncertain about hiring Island Blue web designers, please send us a message using our contact form. If you want to see some of our recent work, please visit our web design services gallery.


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